Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why my life in cars?

Well, probably because its that time of the year again. Spring is finally here and Mark and I can enjoy being in a hot rod. One of our most favorite things to do is to just go for a drive in one of the cars. We must spend the majority of our time riding around or sitting around hot rods. We love them! We love our hot rods.

We have Rosey. Rosey is a 1974 Trans Am Super Duty. Rosey is very special to us because #1 - they only made Super Duty's for two years (73-74) In 1974 there were only 920-921 (something like that) made and we have one of the originals. We also have Elvira. Elvira is a 1971 Formula Firebird that Mark has rebuilt from the ground up. She has so much sweat and love in her. She is called Elvira because she is our mistress of the dark. Or as I referred to her before Mark gave her a name - that black bitch in the garage who sucks up all our money. I have grown to love her. She has air conditioning - something Rosey doesn't have.

We have had other hot rods that have a special place in my heart. Red Hawk who was my absolute favorite of all time. She is a 1999 Trans Am Firehawk and damn she was fast. Mark raced her and it was some of our best times together. We just sold her before we moved back to Illinois. We also had Bluhawk. Bluhawk was my 2001 Trans Am Firehawk convertible. She was a looker who won all sorts of awards at car shows but she was so sllllllooooowwwwww. The weather in Michigan wasn't the greatest for a navy blue metalic convertible either. We sold her for a 1967 Firebird convertible. We didn't even give this one a name. She didn't live with us for very long. She didn't drive very well but she looked good.

That is just a few of our hot rods. I'm sure there will be more and I will be talking about them. I'm really looking forward to spring and summer where we can exercise our free will in these beautiful machines.

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Becca L. said...

Donna you make me laugh! I want to see some pictures!!!!!