Sunday, June 10, 2007

My new vehicle

I don't know whether to call it a car or suv because its a crossover vehicle. It looks like a SUV but it's built on a car chassis. It's a Cadillac SRX. So far I like it. It drives like a car but I can haul things like a SUV. We traded in my Grand Prix. I love having the Cadillac because it is so much easier for me when I pick up groceries. No more bending and trying to get things out of the trunk. It is so much easier now. I even have a remote that opens the back up for me and closes without we having to pull on it. I was surprised Mark chose the Caddy for me because the price was so much higher than the other cars I was looking at. He said that he felt better knowing I was in something that was safe. Apparently this is one of the safer vehicles out there. I have a navigational unit as well as XM and couldn't be happier. I love the fact that I can switch on the nav and not be lost. My stress level has dropped so much just because of that.

I haven't given her a name yet. Nothing has jumped out at me. She is grey or silver depending on who you ask. She isn't all blinged out but she is a cadillac. Now if I could learn to park better in her things would be really good. I don't know why I can't judge the front of her and I have days where I don't pull up far enough in parking spots or I go to the left. I don't know. Mark critiques me all the time on my parking skills. Heck, if I'm between the lines and don't have my ass sticking out too far, I'm fine with it. I'm sure it will take time for me to feel totally comfortable in her.

The good thing is that I finally picked out a vehicle that Mark wants to drive. He likes driving this one. Normally he doesn't want to drive my cars. I don't know why either. He has mentioned things like I've driven all week and need a break but I think there is something more to it. Guess I should ask him sometime. Sometimes I don't mind being the one who drives but most of the time I like being the passenger. I can't sightsee as the driver. It's that ADD issue that keeps me from looking around. I have a habit of steering the direction I'm looking so I'm better off to just pay attention to the road. It makes for a nicer drive home. ;)

Cheese Dogs for dinner on Saturday's

We went to our first real cruise here last night. It was at the Dog 'n Suds in Fox Lake. I was surprised - there were probably 60 or so cars there. A few newer Mustangs and one Trans Am were there but the rest were all classic cars. Heck if Saturdays are like this, I'm not going to miss Detroit so much. A typical cruise in the Detroit area were over a 100 classic cars. It got to be where we would see a lot of the same cars and faces but it was nice. We are starting new here. Everyone seemed friendly and we got a lot of compliments on Elvira ('71 Firebird) which was nice.

I brought the camera and didn't even take it out of my purse. I don't know why.....I must have forgot I had it. I even joked on the way home that I should have taken a picture. Guess there is always next week.

I'm not so sure I want to have hot dogs for dinner every Saturday night but for now, what the heck. It wasn't so bad. lol I didn't even get heartburn which is a surprise.

Eric was off fishing with his Dad during the day and then called us as he drove by. He was even impressed and it sometimes takes a lot to impress him.